Published: December 29, 2017 by Infinity Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4958-2037-3


Icicles collects 99 of William P. Robertson's best-known horror poems that were published in magazines worldwide from the 1980's through 2002. Gothic horror, sci-fi, Medieval fantasy, and humorous horror are represented here in both rhymed and free verse styles. Robertson is also excellent with a camera, and his eerie photos add an extra chill to this anthology. The author cites Lovecraft, Poe, and Jim Morrison as his…

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Season of Doom

Published August 9, 2013 by Infinity Publishing

ISBN10:  0-7414-9771-9

Fans of both William P. Robertson's horror writing and historical fiction will find something to love in the author's new collection of character-driven tales, Season of Doom.  In "The Evil of Lauren Watson," Robertson takes care of unfinished business by ending the femme fatale's reign of terror in grisly fashion. He then uses the eruption of Mount Vesuvius as a backdrop to explore the arrogance of a sadistic…

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Terror Time 2nd Edition

Published March 22, 2013 by Infinity Publishing

ISBN#: 0-7414-8293-2

The 2nd Edition of Terror Time kicks off with a second visit from femme fatale, Lauren Watson, who wreaks havoc on another branch of her family. The author also immerses his Bucktail characters, Bucky Culp and Jimmy Jewett, in two scary, postbellum adventures. Robertson's first dark fantasy story appears here, too. It relates the trials of an aging Viking who's smitten with a witch. An encounter with a…

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The Dead of Winter

Published December 3, 2010 by Infinity Publishing

ISBN #:  0-7414-6313-X

The Dead of Winter serves as a "best of" collection of William P. Robertson's tales of horror, suspense, and adventure. Chosen by editors, fans, and the author himself, the stories first appeared in magazines worldwide and then in Robertson's books, Lurking in Pennsylvania, Dark Haunted Day, and Terror Time. Bill freshly edited these selections and added new spooky photos to enhance their impact. One previously…

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Until Death Do Impart

Released October 9, 2002 by Robyl Press

William P. Robertson's second audio book CD contains 24 poems and 4 songs which explore the realms of sci-fi, horror, Medieval fantasy, and rock 'n' roll. With the help of his sound effects gang, the Crypt Kicker 5, Robertson simulates the fury of alien battles, the terror of deep space, and the strangest of marriages, complete with a warped Wedding March. Death is the pervading theme and is viewed from the perspective of psychopaths…

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Gasp! The Haunted Recitations of William P. Robertson

Released July 27, 1999 by Robyl Press

Available in CD and Cassette

For the past two decades, William P. Robertson has been a prominent voice of the small press scene. With the release of Gasp!, his first audio book, Robertson finally gets the chance to recite, rap, and rhyme his way through some of his best-known poetry. The CD contains 32 poems, many of which were culled from the author's chapbooks, Waters Boil Bloody, Hearse Verse, Desolate

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Terror Time

Published January 30, 2009

ISBN #: 0-7414-5190-5

Terror Time is William P. Robertson's third collection of horror stories and his hardest hitting yet. The anthology kicks off with a second visit from femme fatale, Lauren Watson, as she returns from Dark Haunted Day to wreak havoc on another branch of her family. The author also experiments with historical horror by immersing his Bucktail characters, Bucky Culp and Jimmy Jewett, in two postbellum tales of adventure and intrigue. Roberson's…

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Dark Haunted Day

Published June 14. 2006 by Infinity Publishing

ISBN #: 0-7414-3234-X

Dark Haunted Day is William P. Robertson's second collection of macabre tales and poetry. As the title indicates, ghost stories are the focus here. A gallant battlefield ghost, a malicious dorm phantom, and two spectral husbands are just a few of the hobgoblins haunting this anthology. The author again selects for his action such Pennsylvania settings as Gettysburg, Mansfield, and the ever-spooky McKean County. To add…

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Lurking in Pennsylvania

Published August 20, 2002 by Infinity Publishing

ISBN # 0-7414-2150-X

Lurking in Pennsylvania collects three decades of William P. Robertson's best horror stories and poems, many of which appeared in magazines worldwide. Bill specializes in understated Gothic terror in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft. He draws his material from McKean County legends, his Grandma B's Swedish folktales, and traumatic personal experiences. He also delves into dark humor and lends…

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