The Dead of Winter

Published December 3, 2010 by Infinity Publishing

ISBN #:  0-7414-6313-X

The Dead of Winter serves as a "best of" collection of William P. Robertson's tales of horror, suspense, and adventure. Chosen by editors, fans, and the author himself, the stories first appeared in magazines worldwide and then in Robertson's books, Lurking in Pennsylvania, Dark Haunted Day, and Terror Time. Bill freshly edited these selections and added new spooky photos to enhance their impact. One previously unpublished ghost story is also included. Robertson began writing horror as a release from Sunlight Deprivation Syndrome that haunts him each winter in the bleak hills of Pennsylvania where he resides. The author cites his grandmother's Swedish folktales of trolls and haunted swamps as an early inspiration. The writing of Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft and the Gothic rock of the Doors also fuel his imagination. From these influences, Bill creates his own haunting style that blends psychological terror with a dash of gore and dark humor. The adventure element comes natural to him after hunting bucks and fishing for native brook trout in the eerie wilderness of McKean County.


The Dead of Winter, The Spirit of Catherine, Wide Spot in the Road, The Weight, Mrs. Babcock's ABC's, Rescue at the Devil's Den, The Brown-Streaked Sidewalk, The Car Wreck, Can You Give Me Sanctuary?, The One and Only Price Vincent, Fetters and Chains, North Hall Is Haunted, Estranged, The Return of Lauren Watson, The Great Stag, Blood-Hungry Beasts, The Same Damn Rebs, The Eighth Wonder of the World, Ralph Crossmire Hates My Face, Mary and Emmett, The Goldenrod, Bad Things Happen to Bad Men, The Price of a Pint, The Crimson Tinge, The Bud Monster, The Long Way Home, Brittle Shadows


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