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Today, my story "Wide Spot in the Road" was published by the very prestigious online magazine, GHOST THEORY. To read it, go to

GHOSTS Video Released 

The GHOSTS video is truly spooktacular. Created by author William P. Robertson and filmmaker Mark Polonia, it investigates 18 haunted places in Pennsylvania and Western New York. A blend of history and horror, the film combines insightful commentary with sound effects and eye-popping visuals. The tales told come from local folklore, friends' testimonies, and internet research. Some of the highlights include the Shadow People of the Hinsdale House, the headless ghost of Old Fort Niagara, and Luke the Spook,…

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My horror story collection, LURKING IN PENNSYLVANIA, won the July 2014 Book Cover Contest sponsored by Cold Coffee Cafe, a website dedicated to promoting and selling authors' work.  To see my page there, please visit

My Halloween Playlist 

MySpace is running a contest for the best Halloween Playlist.  Here is mine:

1."Werewolves of London"--Warren Zevon

2."Godzilla"--Blue Oyster Cult

3."Ghostbusters"--Ray Parker, Jr.

4."Spooky"--the Classics 4

5."Eye of the Zombie"--John Fogerty

6."I Put a Spell on You"--Screamin' Jay Hawkins

7."Season of the Witch"--Donovan

8."Boris the Spider"--the Who

9."Love Potion #9--the Searchers

10."Black Sabbath"--Black Sabbath


To celebrate the launching of, I'm sponsoring a contest.  What did Edgar Allan Poe consider the most beautiful thing in the world?  Be the first to post the correct answer on the guestbook page and win a copy of my forthcoming "greatest hits" horror collection, The Dead of Winter.  The answer is found somewhere on this website.  Good luck!



When I was in second grade, my cousin, Lanny Larson, took me to a horror double feature at Dipson's Theater in Bradford, PA. The two movies we saw were THE BRAIN FROM PLANET VARGA and THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. I got through the first flick okay by ducking behind the seat in front of me. That didn't work, though, during the Vincent Price film. Just as a skeleton popped from an acid pit in the creepy house basement, the theater manager shut off the projector and sent a REAL skeleton out into the audience…

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