GHOSTS Video Released

The GHOSTS video is truly spooktacular. Created by author William P. Robertson and filmmaker Mark Polonia, it investigates 18 haunted places in Pennsylvania and Western New York. A blend of history and horror, the film combines insightful commentary with sound effects and eye-popping visuals. The tales told come from local folklore, friends' testimonies, and internet research. Some of the highlights include the Shadow People of the Hinsdale House, the headless ghost of Old Fort Niagara, and Luke the Spook, who terrified teens in Bradford, PA. Equally scary are accounts of the North Hall Ghost at Mansfield University and the phantoms that roam Goodleburg Cemetery--the 13th most haunted site in America. Also examined are the specter that lurks in the Devil's Den at Gettysburg and the girl stoned to death at Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery. According to Ryan Cavalline of Legend Hunters Films, "GHOSTS brings the dead back to life and will haunt you long after you've viewed it!"


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