Season of Doom

Published August 9, 2013 by Infinity Publishing

ISBN10:  0-7414-9771-9

Fans of both William P. Robertson's horror writing and historical fiction will find something to love in the author's new collection of character-driven tales, Season of Doom.  In "The Evil of Lauren Watson," Robertson takes care of unfinished business by ending the femme fatale's reign of terror in grisly fashion. He then uses the eruption of Mount Vesuvius as a backdrop to explore the arrogance of a sadistic Roman general. Another highlight of the book features a Mayan "game" that had a greater incentive than money driving its players to perform at their highest levels. Viking, Dane Wulfdin, also returns to journey to America and brave new dangers among the Skraelings.  A second sea yarn is set in Civil War Virginia and details the terrors of naval combat and a vicious shark attack. A Roman battle with the Britons and the conquistadors' invasion of Incan Peru are recounted in two other adventures. These snapshots from history highlight Robertson's knack for drawing the horrific from wars of any age. The book ends with a visit to the haunted Hinsdale House and a scary encounter with Bigfoot. Pray that we get out alive!


Away, The Blizzard, Black Passion, The Evil of Lauren Watson, Powerfinger, Demonious, The Barbarian B-Ball Tournament, The Ball Game, Glimmer, The Power of Atahualpa, To Harvest, Invincible, The Sea, Poison, Ten Fathoms Deep, Sea Battles, Falsefaces, The Hinsdale Horror, The Unseen, The Brakeman, We Are the Old Men Now


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