Until Death Do Impart

Released October 9, 2002 by Robyl Press

William P. Robertson's second audio book CD contains 24 poems and 4 songs which explore the realms of sci-fi, horror, Medieval fantasy, and rock 'n' roll. With the help of his sound effects gang, the Crypt Kicker 5, Robertson simulates the fury of alien battles, the terror of deep space, and the strangest of marriages, complete with a warped Wedding March. Death is the pervading theme and is viewed from the perspective of psychopaths, burn-outs, and twisted sisters. The songs contributed by ShadowFox add punch and variety and range from the haunting blues of "Shelly" to the swamp rock crunch of "You Are a Witch in Pretty Skin."


Intro, What Do You Do?, ShadowFox (A Mythology)/Roadhouse, As Executioner, Brains, I Fell to Rise, Fiend, Mini-Marts Attract Monsters, Devil on MTV, Swimming with Stephen King, The Raven Tree, Lucretia's Love, Jim Morrison, You Are the Pain, Infinity, husband (ghost), Shelly, For Story Rights, Mad Scientists' Bingo, Giff's Uh!, I Am!, No One Wondered, After Our Chihuahua Disappeared, Joy, Shadows Part Slowly, The Ruins/An Unfinished Puzzle/The Moor, Outro, You Are a Witch in Pretty Skin

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