Terror Time

Published January 30, 2009

ISBN #: 0-7414-5190-5

Terror Time is William P. Robertson's third collection of horror stories and his hardest hitting yet. The anthology kicks off with a second visit from femme fatale, Lauren Watson, as she returns from Dark Haunted Day to wreak havoc on another branch of her family. The author also experiments with historical horror by immersing his Bucktail characters, Bucky Culp and Jimmy Jewett, in two postbellum tales of adventure and intrigue. Roberson's first dark fantasy story appears here, too. It relates the trials of an aging Viking who's smitten with a witch. A ghostly encounter with murderer, Ralph Crossmire, who haunts McKean County's Old Jail, and two winter travel tales from Bill's own experience squeeze the chills from more modern settings. Such variety has critics and readers alike singing the author's praises. Massive D. calls Terror Time "Fear at its finest," while Doug Graves says, "It's a veritable shriek fest."


In Seeps Your Disease, The Return of Lauren Watson, But Each Charlie Wore, The Car Wreck, I'm Disturbed, Dangerous Shadows, The First PA Rifles, The Gold Heist, Spook, Ralph Crossmire Hates My Face, Slide, The Long Way Home, The Raven Tree, Evil Love, Steer Clear

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