Gasp! The Haunted Recitations of William P. Robertson

Released July 27, 1999 by Robyl Press

Available in CD and Cassette

For the past two decades, William P. Robertson has been a prominent voice of the small press scene. With the release of Gasp!, his first audio book, Robertson finally gets the chance to recite, rap, and rhyme his way through some of his best-known poetry. The CD contains 32 poems, many of which were culled from the author's chapbooks, Waters Boil Bloody, Hearse Verse, Desolate Landscapes, and Bone Marrow Drive. Also included is a song co-written by A.J. Curtis and Jim Mattern of the band, ShadowFox.

As always, Robertson stresses variety, covering all facets of the horror genre on Gasp! Gothic horror, psychological horror, slash & gore, and dark humor are all represented in rhymed and free verse styles. The majority of the poems are laced with sound effects or backed by spooky keyboards. The ShadowFox song, the satiric "Devil's Rap," provides comic relief: "I am old Scratch/I'm into rap/Turn up the flame/You know my name/I am real fly/I'm quite a guy/I'm good to go/I'm into soul."

In Robertson's world, traditional ghosts, zombies, and ghouls coexist with more contemporary monsters like carjackers, a werewolf sportscaster, and a power-mad President. Fog picks pockets, onyx bogs bubble, and rats procreate in fearful profusion. Yes, Robertson's poetic voice is clearly defined on Gasp! Take his half hour oral detour and learn just how de-licious horror can be.


Intro, The Sending, The Ratcatcher, Spooky, Elvis' Hell, The Zombie Cheerleaders/The Werewolf Sportscaster, Alien Abduction, Menacing Shadow Men, Macabre Dreams, Wino Limerick, She, Waters Boil Bloody, Refinery Smokestack, Zero Hundred Hours, Playing Headstone Leapfrog, The Sea/The Good Ship Death/Hooks, Little Thieves of Reason, De-licious, Devil's Rap/The Brother Stole Up to My Auto, The Furniture Factory Annex of Hell, But Each Charlie Wore, Bone Marrow Drive/The Fog/Prospect Avenue, A New Set of Monsters, Elegy, The Detour, Hotel Hell, On a Bleak October Afternoon, Lovecraft's New England, The Devil's Dawn, The Spirit of the Wolf/Tourist Trap, Who Knows?, A Dark Carnival, The Elementary Librarian/Roger Limerick, Contained with the Insane, Outro

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