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Haunt of William P. Robertson--Master of the Macabre & Gothic Horror: Readings

Devil on MTV

November 21, 2010
William P. Robertson & A. J. Curtis

"Devil on MTV" is a tongue and cheek look at the graphic videos that played on Music Television during the 1980's.  It's sort of a horror spin-off of Dire Strait's "Money for Nothing."  The song first appeared on ShadowFox's CD, Power, and later on my audio book CD, Until Death Do Impart.




I saw the devil on MTV

Right where a horny

Fella should be.

His band was smokin'

And so was he.


He plucked some notes

From a silver guitar

Copped from an ODed 60's star.

A hearse ain't much

Of a rock 'n' roll car.


He's on MTV.

What a sight to see.


Go-go dancers bop to the beat.

Nothin' covered but lips and feet.

No wonder Nashville can't compete.


Saw the devil on MTV.

I'll bet my preacher will agree.

You better move over

So I can see.


He's on MTV.

And we'll all agree.

He's on MTV.

Have mercy on me.


Look at him walk.

Now, this is rock 'n' roll.

And his hair was perfect!