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Haunt of William P. Robertson--Master of the Macabre & Gothic Horror: Links


Buy William P. Robertson's greatest hits horror story collection, FEAR IS FOREVER, directly from BookBaby Publishing.


Watch the book trailer for my greatest hits horror story collection, FEAR IS FOREVER.

All of William P. Robertson's books are available here.  His titles Lurking in Pennsylvania, Dark Haunted Day, Terror Time, and The Dead of Winter are also available as Kindle e-books.


Follow this link to order TOMBSTONES & SHADOWS, William P. Robertson's book of eerie photos of desolate landscapes, abandoned houses, and cemetery angels shot in Northern Pennsylvania and Western New York.


Follow this link to buy GRAVEYARDS: GLORIOUS & GHOSTLY, William P. Robertson's collection of photos shot in 20 picturesque New York and Pennsylvania cemeteries. Tombs, gravestones, and sorrowful statues disfigured by frost are all on grim display.


Follow this link to buy ABANDONED DWELLINGS, William P. Robertson's photo book of decayed and doomed homes, barns, and factories. The author was struck by their dark art and infinite sadness.

Infinity Publishing

Buy William P. Robertson's horror story collections, Lurking in Pennsylvania, Dark Haunted Day, Terror Time, Season of Doom, and The Dead of Winter here.


William P. Robertson's audio book, Until Death Do Impart, is for sale here.


Gives ordering information for William P. Robertson's audio book CD, UNTIL DEATH DO IMPART.  Listen to his horror and sci-fi poems and ShadowFox rock songs for free to decide if you want to buy them.

You Tube

See the book trailer for William P. Robertson's Gothic horror story collections, LURKING IN PENNSYLVANIA and DARK HAUNTED DAY.

William P. Robertson's Author Home

Learn more about Bill's historical fiction writing here. With co-author David Rimer, Robertson wrote seven Bucktail Civil War novels and two French & Indian War adventures. 

Dane Wulfdin Novel Series

Learn more about This Enchanted Land, the first novel in the Dane Wulfdin series. The fast-paced action book was written by William P. Robertson of the United States and Fiona Ingram of South Africa. Illustrations and the cover design were created by David Cox of Bradford, Pennsylvania. Read excerpts, view pics, and order merchandise from this highly entertaining, interactive site. Key words that characterize This Enchanted Land include Vikings, Sword & Sorcery, Dark Fantasy, Witches, Dragons, Druids, and Adventure.


See photos of desolate landscapes, cemetery angels, and William P. Robertson's horror story collections here.

Book Tour Radio

William was interviewed about his writing career and his latest horror story collection, SEASON OF DOOM, in this radio program hosted by the awesome Julie Joyce.

Cold Coffee Cafe

Robertson's page here includes a list of his books and an in-depth author interview.

Readers' Favorite

Read two reviews of Robertson's latest horror story collection, SEASON OF DOOM, on Readers' Favorite.

Free Art

Josh Kasombo now offers over 155,000 pieces of horror art for fee at his new website. Just pay shipping and handling to receive his 8x10 art prints. They will scare the yell out of you!


Read the first 38 pages of my French and Indian War novel, ATTACK IN THE ALLEGHENIES, for free on this site.  An excerpt from my Viking novel, THIS ENCHANTED LAND: THE SAGA OF DANE WULFDIN, is also available here.

My Space

View William P. Robertson's new My Space page that features photos of his early poetry book covers not available elsewhere on the web.

Author Fiona Ingram's Website

This site was designed to promote Fiona Ingram's new fantasy adventure novel for children, Secret of the Sacred Scarab. The book contains much useful information about the landscape and mythology of Egypt written in an easily digested format. An excellent read!

Author G.W. Thomas' Website

Acts as G. W. Thomas' writer page and also is the base of operations for Flashshot, Sword & Sorcery, Occult Detectives, Space Opera, Weird Westerns magazines.

Tom Malafarina's Website

Read all of Tom's great horror writing here.

Main Street Merchantile

Store featuring local art, books, and crafts from Bradford, PA.  All of William P. Robertson's titles are available here.

White Mane Publishing

Four of William P. Robertson's Bucktail novels are available here.

This site is a gathering place for authors, writers, poets, and their readers. Sponsored by Infinity Publishing, membership is free to anyone with a valid e-mail address.

From My Shelf Books

Visit From My Shelf Bookstore at 87 1/2 Main Street in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania to purchase all of William P. Robertson's titles. For a sample of their huge inventory of the best books available anywhere, take a tour of their website.

Rick Lite's Marketing Site

Rick Lite's Marketing and Distribution Strategies for Authors

Go Graph

Go Graph is an excellent source for royalty free horror clip art.