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Haunt of William P. Robertson--Master of the Macabre & Gothic Horror: Books

Horror Story Collections

Collects three decades of Bill's best horror stories and poems, many of which appeared in magazines worldwide. Is available in print & e-book versions.
Ghosts are the focus of Bill's second collection of macabre tales. Is available in print and ebook versions.
Bill's third collection of horror stories and poems is his hardest-hitting. Includes Gothic horror, historical horror, psychological horror, and dark fantasy.
The Second Edition of TERROR TIME features three new stories, three new poems, and cover art by David Cox.
Gathers the best tales from LURKING IN PENNSYLVANIA, DARK HAUNTED DAY, and TERROR TIME all in one book.  One new ghost story is also included.
Artist David Cox created the chilling front and back covers of THE DEAD OF WINTER.
SEASON OF DOOM features a scary encounter with Bigfoot and a trip to the Haunted Hinsdale House.
ICICLES collects 99 of Robertson's best-known horror poems that were first published in magazines worldwide.
Collects all of Bill's best horror stories in one cemetery row!
The author's 40th book is a collection of eerie photos and poems, many of which were published in magazines worldwide.

Audio Books

Bill raps, rhymes, and recites his way through some of his best known poems. Eerie sound effects and music enhance his readings. Available in cassette and CD formats.
ShadowFox contributes 4 Gothic rock songs to compliment Bill's spooky sci-fi and horror poetry recitations.


TERROR TIME 2nd Edition E-Book